Old School: New School: Waders

You don't have to look back far to see how much waders have changed over the years. Heck, 20 years ago neoprene waders--those steamy saunas for your legs and nether regions--were considered state of the art; now they just seem barbaric. These days things are far more civilized. An angler now has the

Through a Glass Darkly

A good pair of polarizing glasses may well be your most important piece of fishing gear

Over in the Meadow

  • By: A. K. Best

When spring runoff blows out the rivers, head to the rills of the meadows to find fish

FR&R Readers' Choice Award

FR&R Readers' Choice Award Do you have a pair of waders that kept you high and unfailingly dry even after a hard year of busting brush and crawling along streambanks on your knees? What about that amazing reel that refused to melt during a speed-of-sound run by an 180-pound tarpon? Maybe a rod that left

The Bluegill Bonanza of Spring

  • By: Chad Mason

Bluegills are a great pick-me-up for the winter-weary trout angler

Cast from the Past

To sit up there in the sky and know that I could land there or at any other lake in Labrador and cast my flies, was a unique and wonderful experience. I normally flew in waders, with my rod rigged and my fly vest ready in the plane, and could put down where the fish were. --Lee Wullf, writing about his

R.L. Winston's Vapor Series Rods

  • By: Buzz Bryson
  • and Paul Guernsey

Plus, a jacket from Simms; Cloudveil's vest & BossTin split-shot

The Kudo Awards

Kudos ('k(y)a-dos) [Greek kydos; akin to Greek akouein, to hear] award, honor; prestige Yes, "Kudos"... a word that makes anglers hunger for the finest fly tackle, for the true stories of great fly-fishers who are larger than life-and also for a certain chewy candy bar that is not half bad

A Pile of New Rods

  • By: Ted Leeson
  • , Buzz Bryson
  • and Jim Reilly

Plus, RIO's Nymph Line, Hollander's reel & two intriguing gadgets

Driftboat Fishing: The Ins And Outs

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Plus, are guides allowed to yell?