Fresh Water

SPC Adams SSG Briggs fishing in Mosul, Iraq

SPC Adams SSG Briggs fishing in Mosul, Iraq

Didn't catch a thing, but it was fun to get away and dream about the fishing we missed so much. It helped having your magazine to look at in our spare time. (the little we had)
SPC Adams

Herring Hearsay

  • By: Ted Williams

In what should be America's most important river-herring refuge, superstition suppresses these imperiled fish.

Angler Flotation Devices

  • By: Beau Beasley
A pontoon boat is stable  easy to maneuver and keeps the angler out of the water

Don't stand on shore and miss the action-launch out to the fish.

The Mining Law of 1872

  • By: Ted Williams

The law that time forgot

Report: Ontario's Pristine Northern Fisheries Threatened By Unchecked Development

  • By: Ted Williams

Trout, pike, walleye and other popular fish at risk (SEPTEMBER 19, 2007) - If you want to catch a trophy northern pike, walleye or brook trout in the northern Canadian wilderness, better plan your trip soon. That's because according to a report released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society, looming

Stopping Didymo

Stop Didymo!

Learn what you need to know to stop the spread of didymo.

Who Fly Fishes?

  • By: Stephen Camelio
Tom Balenti

Tom Balenti, chef, restaurant owner

Short Casts

FR amp R Fly Fishing Film Tour

We're pleased to announce that Kirk Hall of Evanston, Wyoming, is the winner of the 2007 Fly-Fishing Film Festival

Where Baitfish Don't Belong

  • By: Ted Williams

Wild trout water more beautiful than northern Maine's Big Reed Pond doesn't exist. It is embraced by one of the few remaining old-growth forests in the East. It is one of about 307 lakes in the nation (305 in Maine) that still sustain native brook trout undefiled by hatchery genes and one of only 14

Where Baitfish Don't Belong

  • By: Ted Williams

The most-recent issue of FR&R takes the shine out of shiners.