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What You Can See on March 13

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Muskrat Love In every contiguous state and north to Arctic tundra, muskrats

The Wise-Use Movement

Thanks to Boone for his thoughtful comments on and useful link re. the Wise-Use Movement (see thread under "Do You Have a ‘Right' to Hunt and Fish"). He reminds me that the following piece I did for Harrowsmith County Life may be of interest.

Reauthorizing Magnuson

TRCP Marine Conservation Working Group Applauds Call to Action on Magnuson-Stevens Act WASHINGTON  Members of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's Marine Conservation Working Group (MCWG) strongly support the message delivered today

Trout Are Wildlife, Too

Trout Are Wildlife, Too In cold headwaters all across America, populations of unique and beautiful fish are winking out. Fish managers are fighting to save them, but anglers resist and the environmental community remains disinterested. By Ted Williams The PMDs

Trout Control

The piece below (in text) appeared a while ago in FLY ROD & REEL and elicited an incredible quantity of bile on our old conservation page. For my part, I was particularly impressed with Trout Unlimited's stand on "trout control." I was also

Hatchery Narcosis

Hatchery Narcosis Hatcheries provide food, sport, and the chance to save vanishing species. But when politicians use them as substitutes for protecting habitat, it can be disastrous. By Ted Williams Americans adore fish hatcheries. At their home waters, anglers

A Conservationist Speaks Out on the RFA

This from a close friend of mine who is one of the best anglers and dedicated conservationists I know. As far as I'm concerned, he's right on: So now the RFA has filed a lawsuit, and wants to overfish summer flounder. The NMFS scientists told them

The Exhausted Sea

Good fish managers, like good parents, eventually learn that one of the kindest words they can utter is "no." The Exhausted Sea (from Audubon) By Ted Williams The year is 1965, circa July 4. Rocked by gentle swells on a glassy sea, Robbie Troup and I are fishing

Bringing Back The Giants

  • By: Ted Williams

The latest on saving the big brookies of the Great Lakes

Stripers Forever Symposium

Stripers Forever Symposium Press Release 1/14/06 %7E The concept of managing the wild striped bass on the Atlantic coast as a game fish for recreational fishermen by ending all commercial harvesting of the species will be discussed in depth by a panel of fisheries, conservation and socio-economics experts at a symposium to be held in Foxboro, MA. on May 20, 2006.