Fisheries Management

Bull Fights

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Peter Thompson
Bull Trout

Bob Orsua was in full cry on September 15, 2010. “That’s a lie!” he told me between deep inhalations as he spoke unofficially for the 100-member Flathead Wildlife Inc. rod-and-gun club and virtually all outfitters, charter skippers and guides who work 122,885-acre Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana.

Return to Henry's Fork

  • By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas

Where the rejuvenated fishing on this classic trout river is far better than you might have heard.

The "F" Bomb

  • By: Ted Williams
big bad bluefish.jpg

"In 1996, for the first time in 220 years, Congress steered away from flexibility in marine-fish management with the Sustainable Fisheries Act, which amended Magnuson by outlawing overfishing and mandating speedy recovery of depleted stocks."

Apache Trout in Danger

  • By: Aaron Otto

"The Apache trout can only be found in its native State of Arizona, but due to a deteriorating waterpipe feeding clean water to Alchesay National Fish Hatchery, America’s rarest trout may be in danger."

Access Denied?

  • By: Seth Norman
seth steelhead.jpg

SPECIAL REPORT: Non-resident anglers may be regulated off B.C. steelhead rivers.