On the Nushagak

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

Travel advice is you book a trip to The Nushagak, Bristol Bay, Alaska

Mousing Around in Alaska

  • By: Greg Thomas

Unforgettable is the way anglers describe a good day of mousin’ when big rainbows rise to the surface, often in a splashy, all or nothing style; these fish aren’t just trying to sip in a mouse, like a Montana rainbow might lip-kiss a PMD, they’re trying to kill it. They have to react that way because Alaska provides some of the harshest winter conditions in the world and those fish need every ounce of protein they can get.

Top 10 Trout Towns

  • By: Greg Thomas
Ennis, Montana, is one of the top trout towns...

The best of the Northern Rockies...

Off the Beaten Path

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A salmonfly pattern fools a Yellowstone River cutthroat

Week 7: Exploring the Eastern End of Yellowstone