Another Aircraft Crash In Federal Coyote Hunt

  • By: Ted Williams

Killing Wolves Violates Public Trust

  • By: Ted Williams

Killing Wolves

Maine Musician Shows Moosehead Lake is Something to Sing About

  • By: Ted Williams

People who live there or who love to visit know that Moosehead Lake is something to sing about. Now, Maine singer-songwriter David Dodson is making the point with a new song he has just written, recorded, and released, called "The Ballad of Moosehead Lake." The catchy little ditty, which can

33 Conservation Groups Call on Salmon Farms to Protect Wild Salmon

  • By: Ted Williams

St. Andrews, NB- Thirty-three conservation groups from six countries are calling on salmon farms to protect wild salmon populations. This call arises after John Fredriksen, a major shareholder in Marine Harvest, made public comments that open net cage salmon farms should be removed from near wild salmon

Sea Lice Deadly to Wild Salmon

Facing the Yuck Factor

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Study: Hatchery trout don't spawn well in wild

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Who Needs Grayling?

A special fish struggles to hang on in the Lower 48

On a fine summer morning in 1991 my son and I were wet-wading up the Gibbon River in Yellowstone National Park, exercising brown trout on puffy dry flies. We were about to turn back

Is Sustainable Forestry Sustainable?

  • By: Ted Williams

Is sustainable forestry sustainable

Conserving Wild Birds and Their Habitats throughout the Americas

BIRD CONSERVATION NEWS TIP-SHEET 10/10/07 Steve Holmer, 202/234-7181 ext. 216,,