Ballast water brings in new invaders

Ballast water brings in new invaders as

Property Rights and Wrongs

Property-rights groups have opposed wild and scenic designations for rivers across the country.

Why anglers should worry about the property-rights movement

EPA to Restrict Use of Dangerous Pesticide

EPA to Restrict Use of Dangerous Pesticide Limitations Placed on Aldicarb to Reduce Bird Poisonings, Safeguard Drinking Water ( Washington , D.C. , October 31, 2007) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced significant measures to protect drinking water

City Birds

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Pittman-Robertson Act: 70 years of conservation dollars

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Newly acquired lands will be grazed

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Senate Needs to Restore Focus on Conservation in Farm Bill Debate

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Uncertain funding future for several key programs; coming agriculture committee mark-up assumes extreme importance WASHINGTON - While turning its eyes to a coming mark-up of Farm Bill legislation in the Senate Committee on Agriculture, a broad coalition of hunters, anglers and conservationists today

Angling Retains its Mainstream Appeal and Broad Economic Impact

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Despite competition for time and access, fishing is still an economic powerhouse Alexandria, VA - September 26, 2007 - Despite competition from video games and other similar activities and increased urbanization, recreational angling remains one of the largest outdoor recreational activities in the nation

To Protect Cutthroat, the South Fork of the Flathead to be Poisoned

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This will delight all who care about and understand native ecosystems. And it will set Ann, Nancy and the other chemophobes into full cry.