All You Need for Smallies

  • By: Chad Mason

It's time to gear up for this season's smallmouth action

A New Tie in Town

  • By: Darrel Martin

Hot new tying materials, and how to use them

Reforming the Corps of Engineers

  • By: Ted Williams

The Corps has tried to control nature. Now it's time to control the Corps.

Fly-tying in the "Field"

No, we're not talking about that time when you whipped up a couple Black Caddis on the banks of the Madison with nothing more than a spoon, a Leatherman and some fuzz from your socks. That's cool, but here we're talking about fly-tying "in the field," i.e. Iraq. First sergeant Joe Cunningham is stationed

The 2007 Kudo Awards

Once again, it's the time of year when the staff of FR&R gets together with some of the magazine's closest friends in order to choose those pieces of gear that deserve to be recognized with a Kudo Award for outstanding fly tackle. Selections for the 2007 Kudos were made by a panel of angling experts