Let's Go Tarpon Fishing!

Join us for this special week pursuing the silver king in the Lower Keys.

  • By: Joe Healy
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One of the great challenges in fly-fishing is hunting tarpon on the saltwater flats. One of the greater challenges is feeding a fly to these fish. One of the greatest of all fly-tackle challenges in bringing a 100-plus pound silver king to the boat.

Are you up for these challenges? Plus private, dockside lodging, instruction from magazine staff and fishing with some of the top guides in the Keys?

June 27 to July 1.

5 nights accommodations—4½ days fishing $4,350

Price includes lodging, guide fees and meals.

A tremendous value for this all-inclusive package in the Florida Keys!

Fly Rod & Reel is hosting a Reader & Writer Adventure this year, in the lower Florida Keys at Bahia Honda Sporting Club. We're still finalizing the all-important details while Capt. Gordon Baggett determines our best plan of attack. If you're interested in spending a week in the Keys living up to the challenges of tarpon fishing, send an e-mail to Joe Healy, associate publisher [email protected] and he'll keep you up to date on trip details as they unfold. The late June to early July period sees stable weather patterns in the Lower Keys, and great tarpon fishing.

The scouting report from Capt. Baggett: "The peak of the tarpon migration is in late May and early June. It is also typically windy. Many people are thrown off by the term 'peak,' and make the mistake of assuming if they don't hit the peak they're missing the action. Not true. During the last of June and the beginning of July the tarpon are still usually in town in large numbers, only beginning to thin out. What is also beginning to calm down by then is the weather. Additionally, the permit are just beginning to come back to the flats in large numbers. During the last seven days of June 2008 it was very calm and sunny, and the fishing was fantastic. This period last year was my best week of producing results."

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And please stay tuned for more information on this exciting trip!