Go to School—In the Keys

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Come to the Florida Keys Fly Fishing School and join Sandy Moret and his team of the country’s top fly-fishing instructors—including Fly Rod & Reel Salt Water columnist Chico Fernandez—for a fun-filled weekend to learn and master saltwater fly fishing. Casting, flies, presentation of the fly, fish-fighting skills, knots & leaders, angling lore and much, much more…

Acquire years’ worth of skill and information in an exciting weekend with some masters of the sport! The school has availability for weekends of March 27, May 1 and November 13, 2010. Call (305) 664-5423 or see www.floridakeysoutfitters.com for more information or to register.

This is one of the top schools in the world!

Fly-fisher Merrett Stierheim attended the school and had this to say: “Sandy, before a full week passes I want to share with you how much I enjoyed this past weekend at your Fly Fishing School. It was very professional and I learned so much that will be most helpful in the years to come. Between your excellent personal coaching and Diana Rudolph, Chico Fernandez and Steve Huff’s knowledgeable and informative lectures and demonstrations there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend your Fly Fishing School to novice and experienced fishermen and hope that you will use me as a positive reference in South Florida or beyond.

I have practiced twice this week on my false casting and the double haul. It is coming easier for me particularly when I concentrate and S-L-O-W down. I'll be sticking with the practice regimen. Best personal regards to you and your team, and thanks for a great learning experience.”

Go to floridakeysoutfitters.com.