The Birth of Spey Nation

Go to Altmar, New York, on June 21 if you speak Spey...

Attention all ardent devotees of the two-handed rod, switch rodders, the spey-curious and fans of a free barbecue. If you can get yourself to Altmar, NY on June 21, 2008, you can attend Spey Nation - The Experience, the latest in a growing number of spey claves in the U.S. And it's FREE!

What the hell is a Spey Nation? Its a grassroots organization dedicated to furthering the culture and techniques of spey fishing on Great Lakes tributaries, and they also like to party. Therell be presentations& demonstrations by Bob Meiser, Peter Charles, Rick Kustich, Brian Styskal, Lee Davidson and Mike Kinney. Also in attendance will be manufacturer reps from Buelah, Echo, Thomas& Thomas, Scott, Orvis, Guidelines, Hardy, Diamondback, Cortland, CND, Winston, Sage, Burkheimer, R. B. Meiser, Airflo, Snowbee and St. Croix (and maybe more).

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