New Gierach October 2008

Cortland Precision Platinum The Precision Platinum is Cortland’s latest addition to the Precision Dyna-Tip floating trout-


Cortland Precision Platinum
The Precision Platinum is Cortland’s latest addition to the Precision Dyna-Tip floating trout-line series. The line was developed with tough trout-fishing situations in mind—from large rivers and tailwaters, to spring creeks and small streams. Precision Platinum line has a modified Rocket2 taper with a long head, extended rear taper and oversized running line so anglers can load it quickly for short, accurate casts—even if you’re waving a fast-action fly rod or casting in windy conditions. You can carry more line in the air, thanks to the longer head, and the rear taper allows good mending control. The line has a 3-foot high-visibility white tip section. The Platinum is formulated with Cortland’s proprietary DuraSlik coating, super-slick, durable and quiet in the guides. Choose from weight-forward, floating lines in weights 3 to 8.

Monofilament has a life of about 600 years. So consider all of those tippet and leader changes you make, and where the line winds up. You can be vigilant about not tossing mono into streamside bushes, but it eventually has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the Monomaster by Grasshopper Outdoor Products, a small, lightweight receptacle that you can hitch to your fishing vest. Simply stuff the used mono into the spool and turn the handle to trap the mono in the Monomaster’s teeth (think of hair on a hairbrush). When you have a full spool, simply discard the mono safely or, better yet, recycle it.

St. Croix Imperial Rods
They’re back, after a three-year hiatus: St. Croix has re-established its Imperial rod series with 25 models that have new tooling, new actions, new fittings and a handsome Gloss Burgundy finish. The rods, fitted with aluminum-oxide stripper guides with black frames, chrome-plated snake guides, uplocking aluminum reel seats with a rosewood insert on 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-weight models and aluminum reel seats on the 7, 8, 9 and 10s, are priced from $150 to $200; 2- and 4-piece rods are available and each rod comes with a carrying case and a limited lifetime warranty.

Highland Mills Bamboo Rods
You’re got a fair amount of gray in your beard if you can remember walking into a fly shop and seeing production bamboo rods lining the wall; it’s been a few decades since Wright& McGill Granger and others made bamboo rods for the masses. But what’s old is new again and Highland Mills Rod Co. has introduced a full range of affordable bamboo rods. Newest is the American Series of hand-split, hand-built rods in three lengths, all with hollow-built swelled butts, agate stripping guides, Bailey Woods ferrules, REC reel seats and English gunstock walnut reel-seat inserts, priced at $1,299. The company’s Original Series rods carry a retail price of $549 and the Signature Series is based on noted tapers by Jim Payne and Hiram Hawes with upgraded components by REC, rich flamed cane and an $849 retail price.

Hook& Hackle Rod Kits
The Hook& Hackle Company, serving fly fishermen for 33 years and a leading supplier of fly-rod-building components and fly-tying materials, has new rod-building kits for fly fishers who want to“roll their own.” According to Ron Weiss of H& H, a first-timer can build his rod in just six to eight hours, an easy weekend project. Kits start at about $70 for a 6½-foot 2-weight and increase depending on the blank and options. The company is a supporter of Project Healing Waters; go to the H& H Web site for updates.