Maine Musician Shows Moosehead Lake is Something to Sing About

People who live there or who love to visit know that Moosehead Lake is something to sing about. Now, Maine singer-songwriter David Dodson is making the

  • By: Ted Williams
People who live there or who love to visit know that Moosehead Lake is something to sing about. Now, Maine singer-songwriter David Dodson is making the point with a new song he has just written, recorded, and released, called "The Ballad of Moosehead Lake."

The catchy little ditty, which can be downloaded for free at is destined to become an anthem for Maine people who seek to protect the beautiful Moosehead Lake region from the largest development ever proposed in Maine.

"I wanted to help get out the word that the future of beautiful Moosehead Lake is at stake," says Dodson. "As the song says - 'now's the time to stand together 'cause once it's gone it's gone forever.'"

The song, which will have its debut performance at Common Ground Fair on Sunday, September 23, tells the story of how Seattle-based Plum Creek Real Estate Corporation purchased lands zoned for forestry around Moosehead Lake - Maine's largest - and now wants the zoning changed to fatten the company's bottom line. The company has applied to have the these woods around Moosehead rezoned to build a total of more than 2,000 houses, condos, and resort accommodations (up to six stories high) along with gas stations, stores, golf courses, beauty shops, restaurants, cell phone towers, and "club houses" up to 5,000 square-feet.

"Allowing this level of development in the region, and in places like Lily Bay and the north shore of Long Pond, would be like stealing from future generations of Mainers and visitors alike who would never know just how spectacular Moosehead is today," says Dodson.

Plum Creek's rezoning request includes lands that are home to the rare Canada lynx, a Maine icon and federally threatened species. Plum Creek's disregard for wildlife was documented last year, when the Natural Resources Council of Maine used Maine's Freedom of Access Act to expose how Plum Creek knowingly clear-cut important deer wintering areas despite pleas from state wildlife biologists.

"I encourage all Maine people to learn more about this issue and to plan to attend the public hearings that are scheduled in Greenville, Augusta and Portland this November," said Dodson.

The song is entirely Maine-made. David Dodson wrote the lyrics and wrote and arranged and directed the music for The Ballad of Moosehead Lake. Dan Bennett played electric bass, Chris Rogers played drums, David Jordan played fiddle and David Dodson played guitars and sang lead vocals. David and Anne Dodson sang harmony. The song was recorded at "May Tree Arc" Studio by recording engineer and co-producer Jere Faison. The CD was printed and duplicated at Quality Copy in Hallowell.

Visit to download the song at no charge or order a CD copy, sign up to be notified about the hearing schedule, and review more in-depth information about Plum Creek's development proposal for the Moosehead Lake area. For more information, call the Natural Resources Council of Maine at (800) 287-2345.
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