The Fly-Fisher's Craft

An exceptional look at the art and history of our exceptional sport.

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

The Fly-Fishers Craft, The Art and History, by Fly Rod& Reel contributing editor Darrel Martin belongs on every anglers bookshelf'”or better still on your night reading stand. Why? Where else can you behold tying steps for Aelianus Macedonian Pattern. Or the CDC Particular, developed for impossible-to-catch fish on the River Test. Or how to barber and bend a hook? Darrel Martin revives what were too quick to archaize.
Reading this book is like drinking mead: a whimsy or fancy at first, but then you understand the wonderfulness of the application of things of history.

Bio notes: Darrel was born in Wenatchee, Washington, and raised near Eatonville in Western Washington. Hes a graduate of the University of Puget Sound (BA in English) and the University of Washington (MA in English literature, Anglo-Saxon and Middle English). Hes a retired teacher of English and American literature, Western Philosophy and College Writing, and a fencing instructor for 28 years (foil, saber and epeé). Hes also one of the countrys leading fly-tiers and tying teachers and innovators. He lives in Tacoma, Washington.


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Other notes from the authors angling vita:
Department Head and Advanced Placement Teacher for 29 years. Taught The Insect and the Imitation,' The Complete Fly Fisher,' Angling Entomology,' Fundamentals of Fly Casting,' Advanced Fly Casting' at the college level for over 30 years.

Published numerous articles, artwork and photographs on various aspects of fly fishing in the major magazines including Rod& Reel, Fly Fishing the West, Fly Fisherman, Sports Afield, Fliegenfischen (Germany), Fly Only (Germany), Flugfiske i Norden (Sweden and Norway), Fly Fishing& Fly Tying (UK), Tightloop (Japan), Muskareni a Vazani (Czech Republic)

Published nine books on fly fishing, including Imitations, The Waterlogue, The Fly Tyers Sketchbook, Fly Tying Methods (1987, Lyons Press) which won The Book of the Year' award, Micropatterns: Tying and Fishing the Small Fly (1994, Lyons& Burford), a Czech-English Dictionary of Angling (Anglicko-Cesky a Cesko-Anglichy Rybarsky Slovnik (1999, Plzen), The Fly Fishers Illustrated Dictionary (2000, Lyons Press), and the recent, The Fly-Fishers Craft (Lyons Press, 2006). Patterns and prose appear in The Art of the Trout Fly (Chronicle Books, 1988), trout species photographs in Trout& Salmon of the World (Wellfleet Press, 1990).

Designed various angling items including The Anvil Signature Scissors; The Dubbing Whirl; Partridge Hook CS21; Daiichi Hooks 1220 and 1222; The Flye Tyers Template for drawing fly patterns; created the term furled' leader, first to use the Pitzenbauer rings at the end of the furled leader, introduced USA to the furled leader.

Life member of the Federation of Fly Fishers; presented fly fishing and fly tying programs at the FFF Conclaves, The English Game Fair (1983, 1987 and 19898), at the Chatsworth Angling Fair and Broadlands Angling and Country Fair (1992) for the Partridge Hook Company (UK), at The Holland Fly Fair (1992) and for the Lennart Berquist Company in Sweden and Norway (1993, 1995), at The Finnish Fly Tying Conclave in Tampere and at the Finnish Fisheries Agency (1999), presented tying and slide programs for the Piscatorial Society of Cape Town, The Natal Fly Fishers and other clubs during a month-long tour of South Africa under the auspices of the Federation of South Africa Fly Fishers (200), presented angling recommendations to the Tolmin Angling Club (then Yugoslavia, now Slovenia). Presented various fly fishing programs and workshops at the FFF National Conclaves.

For over a decade has had a rod share on the Rivers Test and Anton (Fullerton beat, England); has fly fished the American West, England, Sweden, Chile, Lithuania, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Austria, Zambia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia (over a decade), Christmas Island, Brazil and the Amazon (over a decade), Mozambique, South Africa and other countries.

First American certified in casting and tying by APGAI (Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors, now AAPGAI and GAIA, UK), also a certified Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructor (USA).