One Last Look Reader Sweepstakes

Dolly Varden        

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Enter today for a chance to win Bob White’s sporting art!

We all need to dress up our home , office (or home office) with fly-fishing art work. We’re offering a special Reader Sweepstakes and the winner will get to choose four prints from Bob White’s series of paintings titled “One Last Look.”

“I’ll be offering the winner any four prints of his or her choice, and then we’ll contact them to see what their favorite fly is to catch those particular species, and I’ll do a small original pencil drawing of each fly on the representative print,” Bob White says.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive customized prints from White, one of the finest sporting artists working today. Examples of the prints are posted here, and we’ll send the winner a complete portfolio of the paintings from which to choose the lucky four.

Enter today!

One Last Look

Words on the inspiration behind this remarkable sporting-art series, by Bob White:

  • “I love fish. Each one is a jewel to be painted; a concert of form, color, texture and reflective surface.
  • I love water. The wild distortion and reflection it creates is this painter’s greatest challenge and joy.
  • I love to fish because it opens a part of me that nothing else can.
  • I paint fish in the instant before their release because when they are admired with, one last look, there is timelessness that makes me whole.”
1.Richard Moore of California