Presentation Dead steelfish

It’s a New Season

January 4, 2016

Photographer: Darcy Bacha If you fish the brawling rivers of the Pacific Northwest, especially during fall, you’ll encounter—likely first with your nose and then with your eyes—a story written on the gravel banks. This is … Read More

Rubies and Am

Rubies & Amethyst

September 11, 2015

Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. There was a time when he would have considered the hours spent on the creek that morning a failure. He knew the stream well—both the … Read More

'Merica by Josh DeSmit

Josh DeSmit

September 10, 2015

Josh DeSmit describes his artwork as “liminal.” He creates images that occupy a transitional space between rural and urban, attempting to mix the influences of both and to communicate the duality of many contemporary fly fishermen, particularly those who must live in a cityscape while possessed with a fanatical passion for the outdoors. … Read More

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