Art Flick: Catskill Legend

March 10, 2016

Go Set a Watchman aside, readers rarely receive insights to how and why a manuscript gets published. Many may imagine that if a work’s good enough, and the subject worthy, somebody, somewhere, will print and … Read More

The Founding Flies

March 4, 2016

Companion advised me. Founding Flies connected me to fly-tying history in ways I’m still appreciating. Truly, I don’t always cheat when first examining a book. But when I pulled The Founding Flies from near the … Read More

The Fly-Fisher’s Companion

March 4, 2016

On my way out to fish when The Fly-Fisher’s Companion arrived, a glance at the author’s name on the book cover gave me pause. Darrel Martin is a long-time, much-valued contributor to this magazine, of … Read More

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