Liar’s Code

November 9, 2016

Fishing through dark times is one of our literature’s themes, more common now that so many of us have aged. But if I remember correctly, Chiappone’s rendition reflected faint light from his trashed-but-best-I’ve-got environ and stared away to brighter horizons. … Read More

Waters Far and Near

May 26, 2016

Many of these adventures would be trips of a lifetime for most anglers, enjoyed—or occasionally endured—in the most remote and exotic locations on earth, often at the world’s best lodges, conspicuously posh to perfectly understated. … Read More

Charlie’s Pride

May 11, 2016

Criticism columns are bully pulpits, so let this be a careful review. Occasionally a novel works on one or several levels, but less well on others, creating a dilemma for a reviewer trying to keep … Read More

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