William Joseph Focuses on Value

William Joseph Odyssey Rolling Duffel

William Joseph's sales manager Paul Swint says that "this year we've decided to really try to focus on giving our consumers value for their money and still make some great products." Despite a "218%" increase in the price of the rare earth magnets William Joseph has been using for clasps, many of their existing bag lines are getting revamped with easy-open magnetic closures. They have a new Sling Pack, with zippers to allow easy access from both the left and right hand (these bags are super popular with Spey and switch casters). But probably the coolest new introductions were from the luggage and boat bag line.

The Odyssey rolling duffel is a monster, wheeled full-trip travel bag which is remarkably light (I held it up with one finger no problem). It's attractively styled and even more attractively priced for fly fishing luggage: $200. William Joseph also has a new Typhoon boat duffel; it is "extremely water resistant," says Swint, "but we only say that because you really shouldn't submerge it for any length of time. It will definitely stand up to any rainstorm." WJ also had a similar Tsunami boat bag (think Patagonia Great Divider) for an attractive $89.