Clear Cure Goo Offers No-Tack Finishing Material

Clear Cure Goo, along with the other UV resin companies, have collectively introduced whole new possibilities in fly tying.  One of the problem areas with the new material, however, was that the traditional material dried rather tacky, while the "No Tack" solutions available were more expensive.  Brian Carson of CCG explained that this is because the "No Tack" versions require much more of the photosensitive catalyst chemical, which is the most expensive part of the mix.

Sure, you could just use a lot of tack free product, but that added up the cost.  Now, CCG is introducing a new mix which they are calling Hydro.  Approximately the consistency of Sally Hansen's Hard-as-Nails, it's a perfect topcoat, allowing you to build up the body of a fly with the less expensive traditional material, then bond a topcoat of water-thin "No Tack" material on top.  Expect jars to retail for around $18 (but they'll last you a long time).