New from RIO Products

Rio Products has five new line releases and an entirely revamped leader lineup.  For the two-handed anglers out there (Spey is in Rio's collective blood), they have released a new, all-around, general purpose spey line called the Unispey, which will be available in a full floater, as well as as a shooting head and a part of Rio's existing VersaTip system.  Intended for beginning spey anglers as well, the line has a black section that clearly illustrates where to carry the line to properly load the rod.

They've also added a new Skagit package, the Skagit Flight Versitip, which includes a Skagit floating head in 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, or 650 grains, along with a matched running line. For Scandi anglers (a system of two-handed shooting heads akin to Skagit lines but just a little more delicate), Rio has also added the Scandi Short Versitip, which is specially formulated for Great Lakes anglers presenting lighter streamers and egg patterns for selective fish in somewhat smaller steelhead water.
For single hand casters (most of us!) Rio's is unveiling the new Hover line and Outbound Short Hover.  Both are super-slow sinking Intermediates for holding a swimming nymph or emerger just under the surface of still water, for extra selective fish.  They are available from WF4S1 through WF10S1 (the S1 apparently designates a sink rate of one rather than a traditional "I" for intermediate).