New from Patagonia

Patagonia Rock Grip Boots and Cramp Ons

Patagonia certainly takes the prize for one of the most radical new products, with their new Cramp Ons ($199) and the accompanying Rock Grip Boot ($239). Both items feature aluminum bars based on the original cramp ons designed by Yvon Chouinard from the early days of Patagonia (in fact, so early it was still known as Chouinard Equipment). The removable cramp ons are a true throw-back, with a cool retro look (they've even matched the synthetic rubber-and-neoprene straps to the color shade of the early leather for added authenticity).

More conventionally, they're also offering a new four-layer breathable Rio Azul wader, loaded with features including a waterproof pocket, as well as a very slick River Salt wading jacket. The River Salt's zippers and other accoutrements are all made of saltwater-resistant plastic or non-reactive metal, while it is cut deep enough to be worn out and about as well as waist-deep.

Finally Patagonia expanded on its hybrid waistpack line with the Stealth Atom bag, an innovative half waist/half shoulder pack which leaves its pockets up when you swing it around in front to access.