Fishpond Offers Three New Waistpacks

Fishpond carved a name for itself making great angling-specific bags and this year they've gone back to the well with three updated new designs.


Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack

The Nimbus Guide Pack is a monster hip bag with enough space to stash a jacket, fly box (and heck, probably even a sleeping bag!)  Retailing for $109, it's intended for serious all-day angling in places where weather might change rapidly.


Fishpond Flint Hills Lumbar Pack (Click for Full Size)

The Flint Hills Lumbar Pack is sort of the opposite end of the spectrum: classic Fishpond with a budget-friendly pricetag of $49 and a minimum of bells and whistles.


Fishpond Low Tide Hydration Lumbar Pack (Click for Full Size)

Finally, the Low Tide Hydration Lumbar Pack is specifically aimed at flats anglers who need to carry their own water, but (understandably) can't stand to have a hydration backpack giving them "clammy back" all day.  Made with especially light fabric, two bottle-gulping pouches, and a flats-friendly color scheme, this bag retails for $69.