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Sportsmen and Global Warming 2

WASHINGTON, DC (May 23) -- The majority of America's sportsmen say global warming is an urgent problem that needs immediate action, and they want clean energy solutions that create jobs and cut pollution from burning fossil fuels, a national poll of hunters

Enlightened Anglers Vs. Voices from the Dim Past

There is an effort and now a formal petition to return Maine's storied Kennebec River to bait fishing. Save for the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake, the Kennebec is not even fly-fishing-only. You can spinfish anywhere on the mainstem. You can

State agency will back expanded bison

Mitigation Banking: Restoring Habitat at a Profit

Having known some of the Corps' "mitigation" work in the past, I am naturally suspicious of this program. On the other hand, good people tell me it has potential. http://www.newwest.net/index.php/topic/article/7674/C147/L38