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From Stripers Forever

Stripers Forever MA - find pasted in below an article by Mark Lovewell of the Martha's Vineyard Gazzette with comments in italics by Stripers Forever. It is an interview with MV striper great and tackle shop owner Coop Gilkes, and comments by Paul Diodati of MA Marine Fisheries as well as Dick Russell author of Striper Wars. This is an important piece of reading.

Leading Bird Conservation Groups Supports New Fish and Wildlife ESA Plan

(Washington, D.C. May 10, 2011) “The Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to address the hundreds of species on the ESA Candidate List has the potential to finally break the logjam on endangered species listing in the U.S. For too long, the Candidate List has served as a waiting room for many species in need. Some have remained there for decades.