Save Hofmann Forest from being destroyed

Hofmann Forest has been owned for the benefit of NC State University for 80 years, ever since "Doc" Hofmann purchased the tract for his newly founded School of Forestry. Now, however, the leaders of NCSU are trying to sell this huge coastal forest for $150 million, so they can invest the proceeds in Wall Street instead. And the buyer they've chosen prepared detailed plans to bulldoze 45,000 acres of the forest into cropfields (to grow corn which would feed corporate hogs) and another 9000 acres into golf courses and strip malls. This would be disastrous for wildlife, water quality (3 rivers flow out of Hofmann Forest), and the reputation of NC State University.

That's why I signed a petition to Randy Woodson, Chancellor, NCSU, Mary Watzin, Dean, NCSU College of Natural Resources, and 2 others.

Will you sign this petition? Click here: