From: New England Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

We have a lot going on right now in the New England Chapter as well as nationally. We are working closely with the chapters in New York, Pennsylvania and National to produce a new brochure that will promote our eastern issues, as well as, recruit new members. We are also continuing to pursue a ban on drones in New Hampshire and Maine and the Executive Director of NH Fish and Game has expressed support of our cause.
Most importantly though is our recent efforts to Keep Public Lands in Public Hands. There has been a recent push across the nation to privatize federal lands or transfer federal lands to states. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas proposed an amendment to the sportsman's bill that would require states with more than %50 federal lands to sell them off or transfer them. Additionally a gubernatorial candidate in Wyoming said that if elected he would work to sell parts of Yellowstone National Park and open it up to mining, grazing and natural gas exploration. There is similar rhetoric across the nation in primaries and local elections. THIS IS WHY BACKCOUNTRY HUNTERS AND ANGLERS EXISTS, to stop the greedy desires of a few from depriving the rest of us of OUR PUBLIC LANDS. Please take a minute if you have not already, to sign the Sportsman's Pledge, and pass it around. This is about the numbers. The more signatures we have the stronger our message.

Thanks again for support,

No issue is more important to the future of hunting in America than the conservation, enhancement, and protection of these public lands. Being afforded the privilege of hunting in this country comes with it the responsibility to advocate for this cause. -Randy Newberg GOP platform includes plans to sell public lands. BHA produced video about National Forest Travel Management Plans being put in jeopardy. (About 30 minutes but very important) Excellent article on fair chase. A year of motion detection film and photos in Banff Park Canada. Fires take ½ of NFS budget. Sage grouse may decide who controls the Senate. Return of the giant Cutthroat. Sing the sportsman’s pledge to protect public lands. Drones in Portsmouth, NH. Ted Williams on working together. BHA gets a mention. Environmental disaster on a salmon river in BC and its implications for Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay. The video is a must watch. Two good articles from TU on public lands. BHA on facebook.
Corey Ellis
Co-Chair, Board of Directors
New England Backcountry Hunters and Anglers