Poisoned rhino horns an anti-poaching success Today's News

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I like it!

Nice novel solution ... sour their milk. :-) I did something once as a very young (but well-read) child, with a relative that was killing themselves and the family from their alcohol abuse -- but adamantly insisted that they never touched the stuff. There's a particular kind of mushroom where people only get sick (never fatal, just bad gut-aches) if they injest alcohol after eating these mushrooms. Anyone else eating them have no problems at all. I'd harvest and dehydrate as many as I could for year-round use. I'd always throw a handful of them (chopped-up fine) into any stew that my guardian was cooking. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Perspicaciously precocious was I! :-)
(aside: sadly, that didn't solve the problem, it went far deeper than just alcohol abuse, the whole genetic lineage was toxic)

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