4 Fishermen Face Felony Charges for Spearing Striped Bass

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From LI Spearfishermen

Long Island Spearfishermen: In light of recent news concerning the arrest of several commercial fisherman who are charged with taking Bass illegally, taking more than the allotted share of Bass and choosing to use spearguns to commit their crime, we would like to state the following: First, We would like to congratulate the NYDEC ECO Officers for catching these offenders and continuing to protect our natural resources. The service they perform to protect our sport and our legacy is invaluable. Second, I would like to state that this group has never sought to protect or empathize with individuals who purposely break game and fishing laws. At Long Island Spearfishing we have as a community, provided education, mentorship and thought leadership in an attempt to hold our members to high standards so that each of them might be ambassadors for our sport. As such we condemn this act, we condemn the actions of a few and we continue to urge the good members of this community to hold their heads high and to act with the discipline and high standards that we have come to expect from each other. Several times a year I post the names and phone numbers of our regional ECO officers so that we as a community might assist in protecting our resources. If you have not done so, please enter the name and phone numbers of your local ECO officer into your phone and report any and all offenses you see from any and all sporting groups. Thank You, Matt Sasso
Links to ECO Officers

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