Designer Fish

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Designer Fish

MR Williams, I just read your recent "Designer Fish" article and was appalled, not at your article but that you actually had to write it. While I have known about tiger muskies, splake, etc. I never realized that there was such a demand for such made-up fish and the lengths some agencies are going to meet and thus increase the demand. I agree with you totally that creating and sustaining such artificial fisheries directs agency resources and the angling public attention away from addressing habitat and ecological issues affecting our native fish.

Unfortunately it appears that both hunting and fishing are moving more and more towards technological means (genetically engineered fish, night vision goggles, "critter cams") where the harvest is the totally the end game (and I have no problem with harvest)and away from woodsmenship, knowledge and appreciation of the natural world. I believe Teddy Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold would be similarly appalled

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