Finally Alewives are back in their best habitat

As of this morning (May 6, 2013) more than 550,000 alewives have passed the Benton Falls Dam on the Sebasticook River, a tributary of the Kennebec River. Maine has one of the best, if not the best, alewife populations on the eastern seaboard. After 18 long years, effective 12:00:01 AM April 22, 2013 when the emergency legislation, L. D. 72, became effective as the result of the efforts of the environmental community, alewives are once more free to ascend the St. Croix River to its headwaters. Last summer I wrote an article about alewives in Maine which appeared in the July-August, 2012, edition of Natural History Magazine. I am sure that you can find it on their website, There is a tremendous amount of history and you could research this for weeks, but this will get you started. Douglas Watts’ book ‘Alewife’ available on the web, gives one person’s perspective.