Colossal mako shark's death not something to cheer about,0,3334344.story Sorry but I’m in the “bravo” camp.

1. The mako was taken legally.

2. It is probably a record.

3. This one fish, as opposed to so many others, can do more for science dead than alive.

4. It’s reproduction years were limited by its age.

5. While many shark species are in desperate trouble, makos are not.

6. Personally, I advocate catch and release for all sharks; but if someone wants to legally take a mako (the best eating of all sharks), I have no problem with it.

7. There is a “jealousy” factor at play when all record fish are killed. I see it all the time with 60-plus pound stripers whose reproductive years are also greatly limited. “You should have let it go,” say folks who didn’t catch it. I let most of my big stripers go, but only because I prefer to eat the ones under 15 pounds.