New Stream Restoration Book

Published in January 2013: Stream and Watershed Restoration: A Guide to Restoring Riverine Processes and Habitats, edited by Philip Roni and Tim Beechie (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.), 300 pages. Publisher's price for paperback edition: $99.95 (ouch!), but you'll find it at for about $67. This book presents the latest information on restoration largely in terms of natural stream processes and how to recover them from human-generated damage. This is a refreshing departure from traditional "stream improvement" literature, which has emphasized static structure. The nine chapters 24 authors from the US, UK, Austria and Japan cover a wealth of material ranging from basic understandings that restorationists need to practical examples in properly diagnosing problems, and then prioritizing, planning, and conducting projects. I urge you to get it, use it, and spread the word. Ray White