Klamath Basin scientists get apology from federal agency over bias claim

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Mid Pacific Regional

Mid Pacific Regional management continues to support the Klamath Basin Area Office Manager who is accountable for aligning resources and budgets to ensure tax payer funds are maximized in the interest of the American public. The April 12, 2013 memo from the Regional Director stated that the Area Manager did not violate any articles of the Negotiated Agreement with the Union, at this time the fish group will remain intact, and also reaffirms that in a January meeting with the Union, management agreed that we would first complete a proper review of the Fisheries Resource Management Branch prior to making a final decision about its future. Management is committed to complete this review in a collaborative and transparent manner with the Union. We support the continued analysis of the area office’s budget, operations and workload and look forward to continuing collaborative and transparent discussions on opportunities that further KBAO in carrying out Reclamation’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Pete Lucero
Public Affairs Officer
Bureau of Reclamation

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