RFA is At it Again

The RFA is at it again with its disinfo campaign.It could have tutored Jo Goebbels.What an unholy and dishonest outfit!And what an embarrassment to honest sportsmen!How does Pew's well-justified position on summer flounder possibly equate to it wanting "to end fishing"?C'mon Jim!

Jim Donofrio on Pew Environmental Group

"Summer flounder is now at a stock size that has not been seen in 25 years and it has experienced rebuilding similar to that of perhaps the most famous rebuilding success.Yet, some in the environmental community are calling for a shutdown of the summer flounder fishery.In fact, the Pew Environmental Group recently called for a 10-year moratorium on all summer flounder fishing.Their logic?It worked for striped bass in 1985.At least Pew admitted what they have denied for so long.They just want to end fishing."