FR&R Conservation Blog Helps Environmental Police Bust Motorheads!!!

This just in from the motorhead forum “Thumpertalk”: i live in plymouth.i got caught riding on a PRIVATELY OWNED street in the trailer park i live in.went to court,EP didnt show.waited a month and a 1/2 before riding the woods here.heard some noises and decided to go back home.not even 2 minutes after i parked the bikes i heard a helicopter.they were flyin over the woods where i was and the streets.they were so low i could have jumped off the roof of my trailer and grabbed his lianding gear.or thrown a good sized rock up at him and took out the propellers(wich i shouldve done,worthless pieces of crap!) watch what you guys say here as they are reading these boards along with those worthless environmental groupies that worry about a plant or bug. has password protected forums to discuss riding areas without worry about cops or EPs reading it unless it is a cool cop that we ride with wich we do have a few of. *** You mean it,s so bad there they are eavesdropping on your discussion forums ?? *** yup.these are the greenies that are trying to take riding spots from everybody.if you read it you will notice the copy and pasteing of posts from this website. .i got caught a second time by an EP that was cool and he says he reads all the websites he can find to bust people.