Must Read for Ocean Advocates

The March/April issue of Mother Jones magazine, just released on, features an extensive cover package focusing on the ocean. In the lead article, ³The Fate of the Ocean,² Julia Whitty chronicles the unrelenting assault that is taking place in the ocean, where nearly every form of life‹from plankton to whales‹is threatened by human activities. A writer and documentary filmmaker with 25 years' experience on the seas, Whitty weaves personal accounts of her experiences aboard research vessels in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico into a compelling narrative that pulls details from every corner of the planet. Other features in the package include: Michael J. Robbins' ³The Catch,² which details the many conflicts of interest in the regional councils that determine how many fish can be taken on U.S. shores. H. Bruce Franklin's ³Net Losses,² which explores the overfishing of the most important fish you've never heard of: menhaden. ³Navigating the Catch of the Day,² in which Daniel Duane reports how the general public can become knowledgeable consumers of safe and sustainable seafood. ³Enemies of the Ocean²: From Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Calif.) to Japan, Gorton's, and cruise lines, Mother Jones names nine enemies of a healthier sea. Additional content on includes: ³Championing the Oceans²: Jack Sterne and David Wilmot on why the fate of the ocean depends on activism and political leadership. ³We All Want More Fish²: Doug Olander, editor in chief of Sport Fishing magazine, explains why conservationists and fishermen can join forces for the good of the sea. ³I Cover the Waterfront²: Science journalist Christina Reed on media coverage of the oceans. ³The Issues Explained²: Quick explanations of the basics, from the causes of overfishing, to the methods used in industrial fishing, bycatch, aquaculture, marine pollution, coral reefs, and more. # # #