Safina Article Helps Kill Bush Administration Proposal to Allow Overfishing

Special thanks to my friend, source, sometimes fishing buddy, and former Audubon colleague,Dr. Carl Safina. And congrats on his well-deserved award. Safina Article Helps Kill Bush Administration Proposal to Allow Overfishing The National Marine Fisheries Service announced early this month that it would drop the Bush Administration’s proposal to weaken key provisions of the Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996. This is a major triumph for Carl and his co-authors, who argued against the policy change in a July 2005 Science Magazine article, “U.S. Ocean Fish Recovery: Staying the Course.” (Science 309: 707-8) NMFS’s politically motivated scheme would have removed mandates requiring fishery managers to end overfishing, and removed timetables requiring they rebuild fish populations. The decade-old Sustainable Fisheries Act has successfully guided the recovery of several species, including Haddock, Summer Flounder, and Sea Scallops, and the now ending overfishing of numerous other species. To read the Science article and more about the administration’s proposal to change the act, Click Here. Co-authors on the Science article were Andrew Rosenberg, Ransom Myers, Terry Quinn, and Jeremy Collie. -- Carl Safina to Receive Prestigious Conservation Award from Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo “With the George B. Rabb Award, the Chicago Zoological Society is recognizing Dr. Carl Safina for his life’s work and unparalleled dedication to protecting the world’s oceans and marine wildlife,” says Dr. Stuart Strahl, CEO and president of Brookfield Zoo. Carl will receive the award on February 21st.