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A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. Coyotes--an Anti-Hunting Plot This from the radical property-rights outfit Hunters, Anglers and Trappers of Vermont (HAT) re. the organized coyote shoots the outfit promotes: "HAT recognizes the hunting public's aggravation at the current condition of the deer herd and recognizes the explosion of coyote population as a contributing factor. "The F&W Dept. really has not addressed the issue of coyote impacts to the deer herd other than to say they recognize coyote kill and feed on deer and that their impact is certainly more visible in times when the deer herd is already low (like right now)…The attempt to help control coyotes will provide some short term relief for at least some deer this winter (and rabbits, turkeys, partridge, sheep, house cats and even dogs)…"The fact that coyotes are so populous in Vt. Speaks volumes to HAT about the impact the antis have had on trapping since this is a much more efficient means of impacting their numbers than hunting. The antis want to have it both ways on this -- no trapping - -and -- no hunting - -but that is not reasonable either. "As everyone knows, the hunters participating in this event will be under intense scrutiny by the antis. Any behavior not in line with the finest traditions of the hunting sports will be highlighted and held up as an "example" of what 'hunters"'do. We need to be aware of this fact and conduct ourselves accordingly." # Wilderness--an Anti-Hunting Plot This from Jim Shepherd of the Outdoor Wire (which bills itself as “the Outdoor Sports Industry's Daily Transaction Newsletter”): “To keep hunting alive in America, it's critical that hunting become easier, rather than more challenging. “Anti-hunting forces recognize that fact. They've already changed their tactics from their failed full-on assault on firearms to a ‘kinder, gentler’ approach to eliminating hunting: protecting the environment by increasing ‘protected’ wilderness areas. “As more and more federal lands fall under the ever-broadening definitions of "protected" areas, hunters and the hunting industry must recognize the fact that what some perceive to be diminished efforts to eliminate hunting is, in fact, a retrenching of the efforts to a more subtle -- but equally fatal -- outcome.” # These from the motorhead chatroom “Thumpertalk--Straight Talk About 4-Strokes” (http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum):…regarding the recent filing of a lawsuit to try to force the BLM to protect the rare Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly, which is endemic to the Sand Mountain Recreation Area in Nevada. *** from CA: why does every single species on earth have to be preserved?? you can always find a certain plant or animal species that only exists in a certain spot because there's so many of them.. this is the same thing thats going on at cc.. hasnt anyone ever heard of (i'm gonna hear alot of bitching for this) "survival of the fitest" *** I wish I owned a plane and had a pilot's license. I'd rig up some type of DDT bomb and "crop dust" sand mountain. Butterfly issue taken care of! (Censored) greeenies!! *** well i kill a couple hunred of those butterfly on the 25 mile drive from Fallon, Before you even get to Sand mountain. ---- I stand firm. I don't think we should have to play politics to have access to public lands. There is no such thing as "permanent damage" to the woods. Thats just BS. I ride with a GPS on my bike. Some of the trails I ride are hardly noticable because no one rides them anymore but when I look down at my GPS, it used to be a logging road because its mapped. 10 or 20 years after an area has been logged, it looks just like any other forest. Maybe if we strip mined the forest they would have a point. In one of those article that someone posted on this thread, they said that a motorcycle could spread noxious weeds for miles. What about the animals tracking through the woods? How did the noxious weeds get there in the first place? Did a space ship drop them in one spot never to be spread? So what if they spread. Thats what they are going to use as an arguement to get us out of the woods? Give me a break!! I'm not trying to be a jerk about this and I really do thank you for your efforts but if you step back and look realistically at their points, they are just plain stupid. ---- Re: Lets keep an eye on those greenies I have a solution. I say we find out where all these people live that want to shut us out of the forests, buy really loud street legal bikes and ride for hours right by their homes late at night when they are trying to sleep. Their neighbors will love them. We could put signs on our bikes that say "tree hugger lives here". A few days or months of that, and they will beg us to go back in the forest and leave them alone. We just have to beat them at their own game! ---- Re: New ESA concept, eco groups must now show proof Now dont let your guard down. Im my state, we almost had my favorite riding area shut down because of an endangered animal. It apprear lynx hairs was place on a scratching post which was set up in the GPNF (Gifford Pinchot National Forest, home to Mt St Helens). This could of led to a shut down of all dirt bikes in the area. Problem showed up when a DNA test on the hairs turned up belonging to a cat in captivity. It appears there was 5 state fish and wildlife agents along with 2 federal agents who did this. And after being caught, they said "they was testing the integrity of the system". Here is an article on the whole story. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/599665/po.... I say "piss on the liberals/lefties/greenies/democrats" -- (Now see: “Lynx, Lies, and Media Hype” above)