My Favorite Place to FIsh

There are two questions I'm consistently asked, the first being, "Do you know who you look like..." and I always answer, "yes," before they finish with, "Brett Favre." The second is, "Where is your favorite place to fish?"

The first time I was asked that question I didn't know what to say. Too many options. Too many great places. Too many awesome hatches. Too many great towns to visit. But I knew it would come up again. So I gave it some serious thought.

I would be tempted to say that a steelhead stream in Alaska, or the Dean River in British Columbia are my favorites, with the Dean probably winning a head-to-head competition, but those aren't very accessible for very many people, let alone myself, now that I'm taking care of kids all the time.

So I looked a little closer to home and went down the list of streams that I've spent a lot of time on and enjoy for various reasons. I really like Idaho's Silver Creek for the technical nature of the fishing. And I really like Idaho's Clearwater for variety and backpacking options. I also like southeast British Columbia and some bull trout and cutthroat streams there. But, I think my favorite, the one I would fish if it were the last day of my life and I could throw just about anywhere, would be