Korkers Fisherman's Mocs

kork 2.jpg

These 'aint your mamma's fluffy pinks
Maybe this isn't the best time of year to review what is, basically, a slipper. But, we've been getting close to frost each night in Missoula and the elk are bugeling, not that I would know personally, as I've been roped to this desk like a steer. Each day, as that knot ties around my ankles I look down and see Korkers Fisherman's Moc's attached to my feet. Why? Because these things are about as comfortable a shoe/slipper/sandal as I've ever worn

I hear you. "Thomas, we're headed into winter, who needs a moc?" You do. Won't most of chase fall steelhead in the next month? Aren't a bunch of us crossover guys who also wield a bow or a rifle for deer and elk or at the very least, birds? These things are great for camping out in a tent, or a trailer or the back of a truck because the heel collapses and allows you to wear the "shoe" in clog style. Think about those beers you had before bed and how that hits you around 3 a.m. Are you going grab the gallon jug and wake the camp, or step outside in your bare feet? Slide these Korkers on, feel the love, and waltz out there in the wilderness like you own it. Or, at the very least, get out of bed in the morning at home and walk across that chilly wood floor with pride—these are cool looking mocs in my opinion and they work great around the house.

Ok the technicals according to Korkers: Kling-On rubber pressed with Jute outsole provide environmentally low impact traction; waterproof Nubuck leather dries quickly; unique felt midsole provides comfort and support; collapsible heel turns shoe into clog for easy on/off; rippled EVA sockliner conforms to the foot and improves airflow; moc feels like a feather on your feet weighing in at a svelte 1pound nine ounces.

Worn with pants, these things get you buy apres-fishing at the local pub. They are pretty versatile and I'm living in them, throughout the day, more often these days. Bargain in my opinion at $69.99 Check them out at Korkers.com