Devoured: Montana's State Record Yellow Perch


So Much for The Record Book

Two things I love about this image. First, the anarchy sign on the outhouse, which I fully support, especially in this day of political corruption and general despair. And, second, my friend, Dan Summerfield, is holding a monster yellow perch that he caught at Northwest Montana's Lone Pine Reservoir earlier this year.

What makes the image particularly intriguing is that Summerfield measured that perch, which ate an olive bugger, at over 14.5 inches. Montana's registered state record perch measured 14.375 inches and weighed 2.39 pounds. What did the 'Ville do with that fish? He took it home and ate it. Said it was good, too. But we all had to laugh when we discovered that he likely ate the state record yellow perch.

Next time.


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