Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska: Road Show


Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska says, don't let them take Bristol Bay

If you want to be part of the good fight get yourself over to one of the The Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska presentations this month, learn what's up with big business, lobbyists, filthy dirtbags and the attempt to ruin the world's last great wild salmon fisheries in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

If you don't know about these efforts and the threats to Bristol Bay from a proposed massive gold mine there's even more incentive. The tour kicks off in Seattle on the 17th, tonight, at

Leif Erikson Lodge at 7 p.m. All the shows, Portland on the 19th, Corvallis on the 21st, San Fran on the 24th, Sante Fe on the 25th, and Denver on the 27th are free. Show your support and join a diverse group of businesses that bridge traditional fighting lines, including Tiffany & Co.; Trident Seafoods; Ex Officio; Smith Optics; Sage; Redington; and Icicle Seafoods among others. If that combination of companies doesn't say, "This is worth fighting for, " I don't know what the combination would be.

These shows are going to be tremendously educational and fun. There will be gear raffles, food, drink and a screening of Red Gold, a documentary on the gold mine project and it's potential on those wild king, coho, chum and sockeye runs.

Make sure you do this: your future fishing and your kids' future fishing depends on your support of this effort.