Sashimi Salmon, Alaska West Style

Don't Be a Wimp, Eat Raw Salmon
Was checking out a friend's site the other day and came across this recipe made by another friend, Chris Price. Price works at Alaska West for Andrew Bennett and Deneki Outdoors. Price and I grew up together in a duck blind and when I was fishing AK West a few years ago we asked each other a series of questions that promted memories in our heads, until, until, after, like, 38 years of having not seen each other we realized that we were reunited. Crazy weird, but so fly fishing. World is small for sure.

That is some serious good fish at the Alaska West camp.

So, I share this recipe with you, with a nod of thanks to Chris. It's late in the season for salmon, for sure, but some of you boys up north are still hauling bright silvers and the rest of us can just dream for next year. Or you could get bold and pull something out of the freezer and try this one. If you do, let me know what you think.


Chris Price's Sashimi Salmon

Originally Price made this recipe oriental style, using orange juice and teriaki. It was delicious, I hear, but the orange flavor and the power of the teriyaki were overpowering. Now Chirs prepares the fish a different way and serves it as an appetizer, to wild success.

Here's the recipe:


2—3 medium salmon fillets

1/2 gallon of apple juice

1/4 cup lemon pepper

1/4 cup salt

2 Tbsb dry dill


Cracked black pepper

Brining Method

Skin and debone salmon fillets. Cut them in half if desired

Combine apple juice, lemon pepper, salt, dill and mix well

Place fillets in flat container, such as a casserole pan.

For the rest of the recipe visit our buds at Post Courtesy, Anglers Tonic