Wet Boots: An Introduction

Austin McPherson

Testimonial: Flyfishing in Dallas has its boundaries, and I can only fish for bluegills so many days out of the week without getting a little antsy. So I went to college in Virginia to play football and I found myself surrounded by trout streams. Virginia is not exactly a trout fishing mecca, but it sustained me for four years through college. I quickly became obsessed with fishing, and tried to go whenever I could. I worked on the Delaware River last summer and gained some incredible knowledge from some very talented flyfishermen at the Delaware River Club. Now I am fortunate enough to be guiding in Wyoming on the North Platte River.

I graduated this past May from the University of Richmond, and I have no clue what's next for me. At 22, I'm still young and love what I do. My office has the best 360 degree view anywhere. I started my blog this past year for fun and because I like to write. I don't consider myself a blogger, I consider myself a writer that just hasn't been published yet. I love the old-school writers, but I am not them. As I write my entries I'm probably listening to the Bob's (Marley, Dylan, Seger) and having a few beers. I write about whatever pops into my head. It's mostly all about flyfishing, but that's not all there is to life. I want to make people laugh, I want to give tips or advice if I can, and I want the young guys like me to be able to relate to what I write about, and I want the older guys to read this and say, Hey, he reminds me of myself when I was in my 20s'. Why The Wet Boots? It describes someone who fishes so much that when he/she puts on their wading boots, they are still wet from the last time and can't recall the last time the boots were actually dry. I want to show that there is a young group of anglers and writers who have a severe passion/obsession for this spiritual sport.

Welcome to The Wet Boots. (No Bait Fishermen)