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Dave Foreman on Natural History: The Ground on Which Conservation Rests

Natural History:
The Ground Upon Which Conservation Rests

It is a few months later than I would have liked, but the next Rewilding Institute book, Take Back Conservation, is at last with Raven’s Eye Press in Durango. It will roll off the press in time for Yule gifts (hint, hint). In Take Back Conservation I weigh what is wrong with our wilderness and wildlife family today and lay out the steps to get us back on track. By the way, among our wrong-way steps are two from the last sentence: Too many of our leaders and even grassroots conservationists don’t see our network as a family anymore, and the conservation network to many is no longer first and foremost about the good of wilderness and wildlife. Among the steps for which I call in Take Back Conservationis bringing natural history back to the fore. What follows in this Campfire are two steps from the book about how to raise natural history again.

Rewilding: Can Wild Horses Save Global Warming?

You can bet the feral horse mafia will spin this into a case for maintaining the feral-horse infestation in the American West.