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The Myth of the Environmental Movement

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Adapted from Chapter 1 in Take Back Conservation: Will Wildlovers Stand Up? The book, second in the For the Wild Things series by Dave Foreman will be published this fall. In the years following Earth Day, environmentalism, once regarded as the self-serving indulgence of a privileged elite, became ‘America's cause’….

Sportsmen’s Coalition Applauds Solar Energy Plan

Federal plan for public-lands solar development integrates input from hunters and anglers, includes adaptive management strategies to mitigate impacts to fish and wildlife.

WASHINGTON – A federal plan released today that outlines utility-scale solar energy development on public lands is drawing praise from the Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development coalition due to its “smart from the start” approach and its focus on making responsible solar energy projects part of our national energy policy.

Vilsack is against conservation compliance for crop insurance...

…so if it's not in the House version or the final Farm Bill, he'll be fine with that. But he always hastens to add that he IS in favor of farm conservation. Of course. Yeah.