Ted Williams's Blog Archive August, 2011

Anglers Beware! AOL Internet Scam

This hasn’t got a lot to do with conservation, but it does have something to do with anglers. Most of the ones I know, including yours truly, are sleep deprived. So AOL advertises these non-prescription, miracle sleep pills called “Somnapure” by Peak Life. They get AOL members to read the ad by showing photos of women with impossibly large breasts.

Want to know if the dam you live near has been inspected recently?

Capital Dome

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting

One of the Stupidest Projects I’ve Ever Heard of and Indicative of the Nation’s Cluelessness about Nature and Scenic Values

This just in from Greg Felt and Rod Patch ArkAnglers/Arkansas River Fly Shop:

The latest Eddies is online.