What You Can See on March 9

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Flight of the Bumblebee A bumblebee may not be the first insect you see this

The Wise-Use Movement

Thanks to Boone for his thoughtful comments on and useful link re. the Wise-Use Movement (see thread under "Do You Have a ‘Right' to Hunt and Fish"). He reminds me that the following piece I did for Harrowsmith County Life may be of interest.

Reauthorizing Magnuson

TRCP Marine Conservation Working Group Applauds Call to Action on Magnuson-Stevens Act WASHINGTON  Members of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's Marine Conservation Working Group (MCWG) strongly support the message delivered today