Sportsmen Support Common-sense Energy Planning to Conserve Fish and Wildlife Habitat

WASHINGTON – In response to criticism by some Western lawmakers of a new federal energy-planning protocol, a coalition of prominent sportsman-conservation groups today reasserted the need for balanced public-lands energy leasing that enables responsible development while sustaining the West’s fish and wildlife heritage and hunting and fishing traditions.

Sportsmen, Business Owners Urge USDA to Conserve Colorado Roadless Areas

Colorado roadless rule must sustain valuable fish and wildlife habitat to support
Colorado’s outdoors-based economy, hunters and anglers assert

Super Salmon Season

If you haven't had a chance to get to a salmon river yet this season - this is the year to make an extra effort. River reports coming to the Atlantic Salmon Federation from all over are touting absolutely outstanding returns. On the Restigouche people on the shore are coming out to watch the salmon jumping as they move upstream.